6. What is a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report tells you everything you need to know about a car. It provides in-depth information and insights into the searched vehicle including: 

  • Vehicle title or its current state – The vehicle title refers to the current owner of the vehicle, and it can also help inform you whether or not the vehicle has been stolen. You will also be made aware of any relevant info in regard to its current state.  
  • Registration status – You will also find out what the registration status of the vehicle in question is like. Is it currently registered or not, and by who?  
  • Usage history – Was the vehicle in question used as a lease, was it a purchase, used as a taxi or a police car? A vehicle history report can inform you of exactly what the vehicle was previously used for. 
  • Damages or repair history – Was the vehicle in question ever in an accident or a wreck? Did it suffer minor or major damages? Are there any new parts in the vehicle that have replaced old or damaged parts?  
  • Odometer reading – How many miles does the vehicle in question have on it? Here you can also find out whether or not your vehicle had an odometer rollback performed on it.  
  • Lemon, salvage, or total loss history – Of course, you always want to know if your vehicle was labelled as a lemon or a piece of junk. Knowing if it is a repaired salvage car is also valuable, as well as if it was written off as a total loss due to major damage.  
  • Additional photos if any – If there are any additional photos of the vehicle in question, such as ones pertaining to a crash or repairs, you will receive those as well.